Earn Money With Auto Blogging Metod

Now you can earn money and make your blog in auto blogging mode with Ninja Plugins Pack.

Hi people around the world, can you ever imagine that you have an auto blogging site that generate content automatically??? The plugins or apps that can help you post a content without RSS feeds??? It’s nonsense! <-- (wrong answer)

With a great heart i really proud to introducing Ninja Plugins Pack that will help you update your blog with autopilot mode. That’s why this tools will help you make an auto blogging site.


Yes, you just need to set up the Ninja Plugins and the Ninja Plugins take full control for updating your blog with autopilot mode.

What the benefit if i have autopilot blog?
1. The first benefit is …, you don’t need to update your blog manually, let the Ninja Plugins update your blog with their auto blogging ability.
2. Second benefit is you can get instant ‘organic’ real visitor from search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yamdex, etc).
3. Third benefit is you’ll get more money! Traffic increasing with targeted traffic.

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What??? Targeted traffic, how it can be???
Ninja Plugins is the real autopilot bot for WordPress user that focus generating content based by keywords you have generated before. So, you can get traffic with specific keywords and Ninja plugins will follow your setting to make content based by keywords.

Ninja Plugins Pack have so many Plugins and Apps to help you make money from blogging. I am sure you will satisfied with Ninja Plugins Pack, because they generate content by keywords not generating content by RSS Feeds.

Ninja Plugins Pack
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Ninja Plugins Pack have three primary Apps and Plugins, that is StupidPie, Video Engine, and AGC Image.

1. StupidPie
Stupidpie is one of powerful Plugin that can generated content based by keywords, this plugins can generate hundreds content per hours. Content will filled by texts, include videos or images if available.
2. AGC Image
AGC Image
AGC Image is the powerful website application that help you to make Wallpaper website or Photography. You can generate many Photos or wallpapers with AGC Image, but you need VPS hosting to use AGC Image because it will eating many resource.
3. Video Engine
Video Engine
Imagine if you have a blog like Youtube, you can get so many visitors come to yur website to watching video. that’s what Video Engine will do for you, generating Video for you with keywords you have. You need VPS hosting or maybe Dedicated Server if you can.

How Much I Can Earn Money $$$ With Ninja Plugins Pack?
Check the video below, sorry for using Indonesian in that video.

My earning detail is …

Payment on March 2015
Penghsilan Bulan Maret 2015

Payment on April 2015
Penghasilan Bulan April 2015

Payment on May 2015
Penghasilan Bulan Mei 2015

Payment on June 2015
Penghasilan bulan Juni 2015

My payment on July and August not included in the video (not yet), very IMPRESSIVE because i got $808 on August. It’s because Stupidpie (only Stupidpie), i can earn more from Affiliate program and CPA Network.
Payment on July 2015
Penghasilan Bulan July 2015

Payment on August 2015
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Ninja Plugins Pack Benefit

– Generating content based by keywords you want, so you can get targeted traffic. You don’t need RSS Feeds, moreover RSS Feeds is suck!
– Easy step to install and set up.
– Lifetime support (Group and Forum)
– Plugins and Apps always update!
– Cheapest than other auto blogging software that just using RSS Feeds LOL.

Only $499/ Year
You just need to pay $499 and you can collect so many powerful Apps and Plugins, Ninja Plugins Pack have many thing. That’s included in Ninja Plugins Pack below:

1. StupidPie
2. AGC Image
3. Video Engine

4. Papercut
5. Noobita
6. Stupid Sitemap
7. Video Engine for Android (for mobile network)
8. BPC Bridge

NOW! You can get a cheap price of Ninja Plugins Pack.
3 month membership – $179
6 month membership – $299


You ONLY need to pay for $499 to get all of it! you can get many benefits with Ninja Plugins Pack. Especially for you who want earn much money from internet by blogging with autopilot blog.

You can Pay a membership through Paypal, i recommend you to pay using Paypal than transfer your money through Bank Transfer.


Step of Registering New Membership to Get Ninja Plugins Pack
1. Click “SIGN UP NOW!” button Above
2. The new tab will open, and scroll down until you see “Gabung Dojo Sekarang” or look at the picture below.
Sign Up Dojo

3. Click on “Gabung Dojo Sekarang” button.
4. Choose your payment method, i recommend you to use Paypal.
5. Fill the form with username, password, and e-mail.
6. Checkout with Paypal, and confirm your payment to Virmansyah through Facebook.
7. FINISH, and welcome to Internet Marketing Dojo! and enjoy Ninja Plugins Pack and happy earn much money with auto blogging method.

Important! This primary language of Ninja Plugins Pack is Indonesian, but the owner can help you and assist you with English language. So, don’t be doubt to contact the owner to discuss about Ninja Plugins Pack.

If you have any questions, you can contact me via Skype and i will response your chat to answer your questions.
Payment on August
My Skype: mupitabdul
My Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/mupit

NOTE: I just recommend Ninja Plugins Pack for you that have an experience in blogging and making a wordpress blog. Because if you’re a very beginner blogger, you need for about one year to master Ninja Plugins Pack.